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Doe Hunts

The Thompson Ranch will be offering several doe hunts during the 2006 season. Details for these hunts are given below:


Doe Hunts at The Thompson Ranch

Doe and Spike Hunt PackageDoe Hunt

  • Up to Three (Doe/Spike/Hog) Combinations
  • Friday Morning through Sunday Morning Hunt
  • Guides if needed
  • Dates: October


  • Texas Hill Country at its best plus views of big whitetails
  • On Ranch Transportation
  • Cleaning Facilities
  • *ask about lodging or camping.

$550 Per Hunter

Archery and Rifle Available

Doe Hunt Description

Your Semi-Guided Doe Hunt will begin Friday morning and go through Sunday at noon.  This is a great hunt for hunters of all ages as we expect a 100% success rate. We experienced a 100% Success Rate for Doe Hunts in the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Season!!!

***We ask anyone who is attending a doe/spike hunt to SIGHT IN their rifles before showing up to the Thompson Ranch. We do not want any wounded whitetail due to negligence!***


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