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Management Hunts

The Thompson Ranch will be offering only three management hunts during the 2007 season. Details for these hunts are given below:


Management Hunts at The Thompson Ranch

Management Hunt

Management Buck

  • One whitetail buck up to 9 pts. to 130 B&C and over 5.5 years
  • 1-on-1 Guide Service
  • Plus 2 (Doe/Spike/Hog) Combinations
  • Dates: Flexible (Thursday Noon - Sunday Noon)


  • Lodging in our Guest House (The Green House).
  • Texas Hill Country at its best plus views of big whitetails
  • On Ranch Transportation
  • Cleaning Facilities

$2,000 Per Hunter


2007 Hunts Available - Book Now!

Management Hunt Description

The Thompson Ranch will only be offering three management hunts in the 2007 season, the rest are going to friends and family...                                                                                           

A management buck on The Thompson Ranch is any mature, quality buck with less than 10 Points (See Pictures).  Hunters will arrive Friday at noon and hunt until Sunday at noon.  You and your personal guide will hunt mornings and evenings to bag your monster whitetail. 100% Success Rate in 2004, 2005 and 2006!!!

During a Management Hunt you will enjoy accommodations in our guest house; meals are not included.

***We ask anyone who is attending a management hunt to SIGHT IN their rifles before showing up to the Thompson Ranch. We do not want any wounded bucks due to negligence!***


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